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Educate to Drive and Grow the Economy Business Seminar Series

“EDGE” (Educate to Drive and Grow the Economy) Business Seminar Series
by Seal Beach Chamber starts September 13


The Value of the Chamber

People regularly ask “What do you get out of your Chamber membership?” This really is a good question.  Chambers of Commerce differ in the way they focus on providing value to their membership.  Our Chamber’s mission is fairly simple and clear: to sustain, promote and grow business and to enhance the quality of life of the Seal Beach community.

Proud of Event Successes

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” Calvin Coolidge, our 30th president spoke those words about the endeavors not just of government, but our society as a whole.  Work has been evident in the past 30 days in our very own Seal Beach. Two of our signature events, the 5K/10K and the Classic Car Show both happen in April, and this year was a banner year for both.

Sun Article

This past Saturday was a very full day. The new Seal Beach Fire Station #48 open house and dedication was at 9 am, the 3rd Annual Seal Beach Health Fair was at the Shops at Rossmoor from 10 am to 3 pm, and the St. Baldrick’s event at Hennesey’s on Main Street ran that afternoon as well.

What do all of these things have in common? They are demonstrations of businesses and government working together to produce improvements of the quality of our lives and the lives of others.  Business PAYS and facilitates many things in our city.

The role of business in community

Why is business growth important? What do you do again?  Why should I join the Chamber of Commerce?  Why do you help produce so many events, if you are not like getting paid for it?  How is your business doing?

The best minds are not in government

“The best minds are not in government.

Surviving Business

Surviving in business can be hard.  Failure rates of new businesses often hover around 80% in the first five years. After years like 2009, that rate may seem low.  Though we have some big business in Seal Beach, most of our local businesses are the “Mom & Pop” size and have been around for years.  Do you wonder how some continue to make it in our town? I did, and here is what I found out from five successful businesses:

Trick or Treat?

As children, we look forward to Halloween as an opportunity to dress up in costume, play a role, get candy from neighbors, hang out with our friends and stay up late telling stories of restless spirits. We called out “Trick or Treat?” in the hopes of a full bag of candy.  So this year, which have you gotten?

New Directions

Our community of Seal Beach is vibrant, conservative, beautiful and monochromatic.  “Seal Beach: small California town, big time destination” is our official Chamber visitor’s motto, and indeed we are a small town in this highly desirable vacation and visitors’ region. It is a study in duality in many ways.  As we embark on another year with the Chamber of Commerce and our business community, the words of Marcus Aurelius Antonius during his Meditations in 200 B.C. comes to mind: “Never let the future disturb you.

We live in a bubble

We live in a bubble.  Deep down, we all know it.  There is a sense that we have been transported in time by Seal Beach.  On the surface, our town seems kinder, gentler and so much more stable.  It seems though the rest of the nation, indeed the world, convulses with strain relating to the housing market and equity, we in Seal Beach just keep in our places, gently bobbing by the sea.  Perhaps a few less shoppers in general, but mostly the same as the last thirty years.  Our lifestyle seems unimpaired by much of what we see on the news?  Or has it?  The

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